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On behalf of Momentumand its entire team, we would like to welcome you to P'la Saúde. We hope to help you have a great experience with our services and that above all, we can assist you with your medical and medication needs.

Please pay attention and familiarize yourself with the information below:

Benefit structure

It tells you about the limits and sublimits of the benefit package in which you are enrolled. These correspond to the maximum amount that the Health Plan will cover for medical assistance and medication to be provided to you or your dependents.

Member Guide

This document provides you with information about the different processes involved in your interaction with the health plan. Please pay special attention to emergency evacuation procedures and general exclusions.

List of Providers

It shows you the network of providers currently contracted by the Health Plan to provide you with medical assistance and medication. This list is updated frequently as new providers are added to the network. Changes will be communicated as they occur.

To maximize your experience with the Health Plan, please find the answer to frequently asked questions about the Health Plan and its benefits below:

What is a Health Plan?

What expenses are covered by the health plan?

Can I transfer part of my benefits to my dependents who need it most?

Can I transfer benefits from the categories I use the least to the categories I need the most?

Will the benefits that I have not used carryover to the following year?

Which of my dependents are eligible to be part of the health plan?

How do I enroll my dependents in the health plan?

What documents do I need to add dependents?

How to remove dependents from the health plan?

How and when can I change the health plan benefit package?

When and where to use the Health Plan?

How to make use of the Health Plan?

How do I proceed if the services I need are not available from the providers contracted by the health plan?

How long do refunds take?

What are the documents required for reimbursement?

Can I use the Health Plan abroad?

How do I request reimbursement of expenses abroad?

What should you do if you are pregnant?

What should I do if I have a chronic illness?

How to proceed in case of need for emergency evacuation?

Does the Health Plan cover expenses with companions?

Does the Health Plan cover ambulance services?

How many cards am I entitled to and what should I do if I lose a card or need an extra one?

What medical services or procedures are subject to pre-authorization?

What other services/support can you get from Momentum?

How can I control my benefits?

How should I submit refund requests?

For more information, please contact our customer service. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

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